Create my Bug Bounty Program

The protection of business information is a critical management issue for all organizations. Yes We Hack can help you to increase your security against theft, misuse or code misconceptions. We help organizations, from small projects to big companies, by offering different services :

  • Lack of information centralization about jobs and Bug Bounty programs
  • Lack of visibility for recruiters and security researchers (both ways around)
  • No existing Bug Bounty platform in Europe
  • IT security field structured around networks of people

What is Crowd Security ?

Crowd Security

Crowd security allows you to overcome traditional business models in security, relying on a crowd of security researchers. Everybody involved in the crowd faces a win-win position :
  • You save time and money
  • Researchers get fame, earn money and, eventually, can expose their verified skills to a recruiter by showing what they helped to resolve in a program.

Make it yours easily

Create a Bug Bounty

  • I want to run a vulnerability assessment on my infrastructure.
  • I want to improve the security of my Business.
  • I want to meet the cybersecurity challenge.
  • I need more info.

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