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Our Bug Bounties

Bounty Factory helps you create private and/or public programmes

  • Private Bug Bounties

    Our private Bug Bounties are confidential and can only be accessed by invitation.

    You can select the participants and how many. This can be the private YesWeHack team or leading security experts.

    This allows you to begin your programme progressively by controlling the workload and your budget.

  • Public Bug Bounties

    Our public Bug Bounties are accessible via the programmes page.

    They are open to the whole community meaning you will get an average of 4 times more vulnerabilities detected than with a private programme. By getting closer to reality, a public programme can further reduce your level of risk.

    A public programme helps sustain your Bug Bounty programme and enhance both the quality and the efficiency of your operational security.

    The other advantage of the public Bug Bounty is that you can communicate the quality of your security to your clients and partners.


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