Bug Bounty Program Rules Maker

This tool helps you to easily create rules for your BBP.

Just fill in the form with your baseline, scope, reward, eligibility, exclusions and it's done.

Here, you can define the Baseline of your Company.

Here, you can define the scope of your Bug Bounty Program.

It contains the target like Website (*.example.io, www.example.io), API, Mobile Application...

Here you define the reward for your Bug Bounty Program.

Reward Gift Hall of Fame

Minimum Reward

Here you define the Bug eligibility for your Bug Bounty Program

It can contain qualifying vulnerabilities, duplicate bug information, disclosure rules...

Cross-Site Scripting SQL Injection IDOR

Server-Side code executions Privilege elevation Information Disclosure

Here you define exclusions to your Bug Bounty Program.

It contains out-of-scope vulnerabilities, subdomains or specials rules

Login/Logout CSRF DoS Self XSS

Social Engineering 3rd party software Automated tools/scans